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Michael Schenker Fest (featuring three original singers)
Michael Schenker - Lead/Rythm Guitars
Gary Barden - Vocals
Graham Bonnet - Vocals
Robin McAuley - Vocals
Ted McKenna - Drums
Steve Mann - Guitar / Keyboards
Chris Glen - Bass

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It’s got a great fresh vibe to it, while still being very much what Leverage has always been, old school heavy rock with intense vocals and a ’story’. Something old, something new. The story could date back to before the ’Fifteen Years’-story, or can be read that way. Kimmo shines on vocals, and Mikko kills with his solo. 

Some of these bands overlap with punk, garage punk , punk blues , the mod revival , psychobilly , noise rock / noise pop / noise punk , grunge , new wave and post-punk , post-punk revival , the Paisley Underground , indie rock , indie pop , neo-psychedelia , power pop , Britpop , hard rock and even riot grrl , queercore or traditional heavy metal .

Copenhagen Bass - Rock The BeatCopenhagen Bass - Rock The BeatCopenhagen Bass - Rock The BeatCopenhagen Bass - Rock The Beat